Enterprise Solutions

Contextual Insights

for Advisors and Clients

inStream's Enterprise Solutions enable advisors and clients to better understand investment products, whether in the context of a financial plan or as a standalone analysis tool.

Why inStream

enterprise solutions

Enterprise-ready and simple to customize.

inStream easily scales and delivers powerfully relevant information to professionals and investors.

With years of experience building custom solutions for financial institutions, we understand the approach and recognize the need for accuracy, expediency and simplicity.


Teach professionals and investors about your products and strategies with guided, hands-on analysis and more focused outputs that better illustrate your value.


Present the benefits your products deliver in any context that make sense, be that an inStream financial plan, or a unique report.

Simple, smart and speedy

Templated starting point for simple and repeatable development that leads to customizable solutions. Typically delivered in 4 weeks.

What it does for...


Help professionals understand how your products are best used.


Stress test scenarios and find the path that makes the most sense for your client


Visualize products and scenarios that fit your personal financial needs and goals.

Enterprise Solutions

For Institutions

Investment products and strategies are essential to every portfolio, but the complexity of it all can be overwhelming to your investor clients.

inStream provides a simple starting point for institutions to build custom analysis tools. Advisors and their clients are then able to visualize and understand their investment options.

Leverage inStream’s financial planning engine to contextualize your products.

Quick Plan Widget

For Advisors

Create your own lead magnet that leverages the inStream planning engine.

Let investors take the first step towards a better financial plan.

Visitors to your site create their own quick plan in just 4 steps. They decide how to engage with you, and you decide how to follow up.

A simple experience for better planning.

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