Better Financial Planning.

Better Wealth Management.

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Flexible platform to be as simple or as detailed as you like.


Rigorous, thorough, and thoughtful logic.


Intuitive design and sharp reports make for easy understanding.


Automation, automation, automation. Scale your efforts.

Proactively guide your clients to better wealth management.

Chance of achieving goals

Deliver Efficient & Proactive communications with Timely & Relevant insights into your clients’ financial goals and objectives.

Our Unique Platform

Guide your clients to their financial goals.

inStream simplifies your planning process to help you illustrate where a client is headed, and how they might get there. inStream provides you with the same confidence, clarity, and convenience that your clients want. Better financial planning means better wealth management, and better client relationships.

Our Platform

Financial Planning for Advisors, from Advisors

inStream provides you with tools to help you scale your practice and proactively deliver current, meaningful, and consistent advice to all your clients.

Dashboard Overview

Build client loyalty with your morning coffee. Start your day with a summary review of your clients’ financial planning touch points, and quickly address their needs.

Automated, Proactive Alerts

Stay on top of your clients’ planning needs and build trust through proactive planning.

Rigorous Financial Planning

We go beyond goals-based planning and incorporate academically rigorous logic and cash flow reporting to confidently assess your clients’ feasibility of achieving their objectives.

Safe Savings Rate

Planning for the younger generations or clients in the accumulation stage requires a different set of analysis. Through the pioneering work of Dr. Wade Pfau, inStream is proud to offer the industry’s first Safe Saving rate analysis.

Wealth Management Calculators

An innovative suite of fully integrated financial calculators. inStream will automatically update account values and calculations.

Business Intelligence and Trends

Offers collective wealth management planning intelligence, and creates a participatory knowledge base.

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