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The Client Yearly Review on a Daily Basis

inStream has been built from the ground up to enable advisors to serve their client proactively and with greater success, scaling as your business does. Check out a few of our key features.

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Dashboard Overview

Build client loyalty with your morning cup of coffee. Your financial planning day should begin by simply reviewing a summary of information about your clients’ financial plan status and addressing those potential needs.

Being able to proactively guide a client through a life cycle of financial decisions is what wealth management is about, and this is what lets a client know that you are delivering on your value proposition — helping them achieve their financial objectives.

Through inStream’s dashboard, you can easily review a set of actionable and contextually relevant client needs, letting the client know that they are being taken care of in the “moment of need”.


Automated, Proactive Alerts

inStream Alerts helps you stay on top of all your client’s planning needs. From automatic notifications when a client’s financial plan slips below a comfortable probability, to reoccurring touchpoint and planning milestone reminders, your work flow can be streamlined with a dynamic set of action items that are easy to prioritize and track, creating a more scalable practice and wealth management process.


Goals-Based Financial Planning

We believe a goals-based financial plan should provide clients with a litmus test that helps them assess the ongoing feasibility of being able to achieve their objectives- a financial GPS

inStream will run a Monte Carlo simulation nightly proactively guiding the client’s financial plan

Advisors are looking for an easy to create, monitor, and continually reassess analysis of a client’s financial objectives Our financial planning solution that is both innovative and intuitive from the get-go.


The Safe Savings Rate Plan; Planning for Gen X & Y


Recent retirement income planning research has revealed that targeting a specific dollar amount for retirement does not necessarily guarantee a safer and more secure retirement. Our Safe Savings Rate planning module provides advisors with a new innovative way to help clients plan and save for retirement.


Customizable and Concise Financial Plan Outputs

Customize the financial plan output to incorporate your firm’s branding. Import your logo and color scheme to create plan reports. Create multiple templates for different client segments.


Wealth Management Calculators

The heart of planning takes place by successfully answering the everyday client questions. Now you can handle the everyday questions with ease and before the client even asks. Should I buy or lease? Should I refinance? Can I estimate my social security benefit? Should I convert my IRA into a Roth? Should I buy a timeshare? (That’s an easy one. No.)

inStream has built an innovative suite of fully integrated financial calculators. inStream will automatically update account values and calculations, and alert you when there is an opportunity to help your clients. Let inStream do the work for you. Set ceilings and floors on certain outcomes and we can always alert you if you need to address a specific analysis or need with either a single client, or across your entire client base. Why wait until a client calls you?


Business Intelligence and Trends

Financial Advisors represent a sea change of how advice and wealth management is delivered. As with any profession, there is a thirst to know what your peers are doing in order to develop best practices and improve the lives of their clients. inStream’s “Virtual Forum” of trends and business intelligence offers collective wealth management planning intelligence, and creates a participatory knowledge base that allows advisors to network and benefit from their own wisdom and from the collective wisdom of their peers. Making a connection and receiving timely reinforcement or redirection from peers is invaluable.