Enhance your advisors ability to deliver better service

Increase wallet share, and overall client size by scaling the delivery of planning advice to your practice.


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Oversee the quality and delivery of financial planning advice

Transform financial advice into a firmwide mandate and facilitate high levels of client consistency to better reflect the standards you want to establish as a firm.

Find out how inStream can help you establish a consistency of client service across your entire firm.

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Memorialize institutional knowledge

Real financial planning extends beyond analytical outputs. It’s about helping a client navigate through hurdles and objectives. Working collaboratively with clients is essential, and managing projects becomes a necessity.

inStream helps you illustrate your expertise on your client’s universe, and helps you be the quarterback.

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Operationalize firm-wide best practices

Best practices are right in front of our eyes, we just don’t always see them. We should be able to measure what works, and what doesn’t. There’s no need to rely on anecdotal outcomes.

Observe the trends that are happening in your firm, across your book, or even across all of inStream. Gain insight into powerful information.

Find out how inStream can deliver powerful business intelligence.

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