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The Client Yearly Review on a Daily Basis

inStream has been built from the ground up to enable advisors to serve their client proactively and with greater success, scaling as your business does. Check out a few of our key features.

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Scale your firm

Enhance your advisor’s ability to deliver better service, increase wallet share, and overall client size by scaling the delivery of planning advice to your practice. Through inStream’s proactive guidance, an advisor will be notified each day of any changes to both a client’s financial plan and general wealth management items that need attention. This changes the advisor client dynamic from a reactive advisor accustomed to putting out daily fires to one that is proactively addressing client issues before they arise.

By running nightly analytics, the advisor no longer needs to spend endless hours running breakeven analysis or dropping everything to address emergency client issues. Instead the advisor can spend that time being a hero to their existing clients or on other business development initiatives.

Oversee the quality and delivery of financial planning advice

While there are many great tools that allow firms to oversee the quality and consistency of maintaining firm wide investment portfolios for all of their clients. Instream is the first to offer this for a wealth management tool.

inStream transforms financial advice into a firmwide and that facilitates a high level of client consistency to better reflect the standards you want to establish as a firm. Financial planning clients will not slip through the proverbial cracks. With our easy to set policies for planning assumptions, system wide alert notifications for planning opportunities and notification thresholds, we make identifying your planning service level standards and maintaining them easy.

Memorialize institutional knowledge

Real financial planning extends beyond planning analytical outputs. Many times helping a client manage through life’s slings and arrows. These include helping a client buy house, relocating to another state, and other milestone related events. These task are more project management oriented than dependent on analytical outputs. Within a firm it is difficult for every advisor to follow consistent steps on what should be done. And many times, they simply reinvent the wheel.

Through inStream’s mindmaps, a firm can develop project management templates and make them available to any advisor within the firm. This way if a client situation comes up, the advisor can simply call on that template from inStream and maintain the firms expected level of advice for that particular client information. Over time, the firms institutional knowledge becomes memorialized within the separate project management mind maps created for specific client situations.


Operationalize firm-wide best practices

Through inStream, advisors can identify what types of advice works best in what situations. No longer rely on anecdotal outcomes. We should be able to measure what works and what doesn’t. An advisor can refer to the trends to see what is working with his book. An advisor can also observe within the firm if there are things they should be doing to improve the overall quality of that advice. Our trends section lets advisors see real time analytics as to this quality.


Encourage an ensemble approach across client segments

Many planning platforms are set up as single use calculators where advisors share logins, etc with others. Though our settings section we are able to develop teams and let them do their things. We are also able to segments clients across those teams.